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George Post, Fireman - August 23, 1886 (#22)
Engine Co. No. 2 - 1871
Operator, Headquarters Messenger


At the Harpending block fire in 1871 Fireman George Post was felled to the ground by falling timbers, and before he could be rescued he was frightfully burned about the head and face – at the same time he received an injury to his left arm. The injury was of such a serious nature that it became necessary to amputate the arm. From the injuries to his head he never recovered and this in a great measure was the cause of death.

In recognition of his services at this fire, and in consideration of the fact that he was incapacitated from further active fire duty, he was appointed messenger at headquarters of the Department. He left a widow and son six years of age.
Source: Department records


1886 August 24

George Poet, for many years employed as messenger for the Board of Fire Commissioners, died yesterday at the age of forty. He was an active fireman, and on September 21, 1871, was seriously injured by the fire in Harpending Block. A heavy cornice fell upon him inflicting injuries that caused the loss of his right arm, and in other ways causing him to be unfit for hard-labor. He leaves a wife and one child.
Source: Daily Alta California, Volume 41, Number 13510, 25 August 1886 — A Veteran Fireman's Death, [ARTICLE]

Note: Operator Post died August 24,1886, but his injury date occurred on September 23, 1871 in the performance of his duties as a fireman. In normal Department procedures for a Line of Duty Death, if a member dies at a later date than the accident, the date of the incident is used on the list. It is not known why this policy was not followed regarding Operator Post.

Extracted from original sources with grammar and spelling as published.

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