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John P. Fleming - May 1, 1886 (#21)
Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 - 627 Broadway


John P. Fleming, Truckman of Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2, found dead in bed; his death was attributed to over exertion at the “Bancroft fire.”

John Fleming, a member of truck No. 2, stationed on Broadway, near Stockton street, was found dead in his bed at the truck-house to day. He worked very hard at the fire yesterday, and his death is supposed to be the result of exhaustion.
Source: Los Angeles Herald, Volume 25, Number 51, 2 May 1886 — TELEGRAPHIC. [ARTICLE]

1886 May 2 In part

The unfortunate was John Fleming, an extraman of Two Truck, located on O'Farrell street, scarcely a block from the fire. The deceased did not have a constitution for prolonged exertion, but all Friday afternoon worked in the heat and wet and suffocating smoke until thoroughly exhausted. Shortly after dark he got a tumble from a ladder, but did not seem to be hurt much, and he continued to perform his part until relieved at 1 A. M. Then he went to bed in the truck-house, so thoroughly exhausted that he could not change his wet clothing before falling asleep on his bed. At noon yesterday the company steward visited his room to see why he did not get up, and found him dead. Whether inhalation of smoke, the over-exertion or internal injuries from his fall caused death cannot be known until after the autopsy. The deceased was a native of this State, aged twenty-six years, and leaves two brothers residing in San Francisco.
Source: Daily Alta California, Volume 40, Number 13397, 2 May 1886 — ASHEN AFTERMATH. [ARTICLE]


1886 May 3 In part

The funeral of John Fleming, the unfortunate fireman who died from the effects of internal injuries received at the fire, took place from the residence of his brother, at 1404 Powell street, yesterday afternoon. An escort of four firemen from each company in the Department accompanied the remains of their departed comrade on the sorrowful march to the grave, and assisted in the last sad rites to the dead.
Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 55, Number 61, 3 May 1886 — THE SAN FRANCISCO FIRE. [ARTICLE]


1886 May 6

An inquest was held by a Coroner's jury yesterday in the case of John Fleming, the fireman who was found dead in bed the day after the Bancroft fire. The autopsy revealed no injury as the result of his fall, and the jury returned a verdict of death from the effects of over-exertion at the fire.
Source: Daily Alta California, Volume 40, Number 13401, 6 May 1886 — Fleming's Death. [ARTICLE]

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