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Walter J. Bohen - August 31, 1865 (#11)
Monumental Engine Co. No. 6 - Brenham Place



1865 August 23

— The condition of Messers. Bohen and Washington, of Monumental Engine Company, No. 6, who were terribly injured by being run over in going to the fire on Monday morning, is such as to cause their friends to entertain strong hopes of their ultimate recovery Amputation  hat not been resorted to in either man, and it is hoped that it may not be required.
Source: Daily Alta California, Volume 17, Number 5648, 23 August 1865 — SAN FRANCISCO, WEDNESDAY,


1865 September 1 In part

Walter G. Bohen, Foreman of Monumental Engine Company, died at one o’clock this morning from his injuries received at the Niatic hotel fire. He was improving until four o’clock yesterday, when a change took place and he rapidly sunk.
Source: Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 29, Number 4507, 1 September 1865 — NEWS OF THE MORNING. [ARTICLE]


1865 September 2

— The funeral of Foreman Walter J. Bohen and Jas. H. Washington, of Monumental Engine Company, No. 6, took place yesterday afternoon, and was attended by an immense number of the firemen of San Francisco and the friends of the deceased. Funeral services were performed fur the former at Calvary Church, and for the latter at Grace Church. At half past two o'clock, the solemn tolling of the muffled bell of the Monumentals gave the signal for the forming of the procession, and the remains of two as true hearted and gallant firemen as ever died at the post of duty were borne from the building, which was draped with the emblems of mourning from ground to roof, by the hands of their late companions, and reverently deposited in the hearses. The coffins were magnificently decorated with flowers, and the fire hats and badges of the deceased lay upon the lid of each. The hearses, attended by their respective pall bearers, moved abreast, and were followed by the carriages containing the chief mourners. Then followed the Monumental in a body, marching four abreast, and representatives from the other companies in the Department in the same order, the whole reaching three blocks as they passed along Montgomery street, and following them came over forty carriages filled with friends of the deceased. The spectacle was a deeply impressive one, and was viewed with solemn interest by a vast throne of people who lined the sidewalks as the mournful procession moved along the streets on its way to " God's fallow field," at Lone Mountain. The funeral was one of the largest ever seen in San Francisco.
Source: Daily Alta California, Volume 17, Number 5658, 2 September 1865 — THE NOMINATIONS. [ARTICLE]

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