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Notable Fires:

A Cannery Building
April 17, 1906 – 11:00 p.m.
Mason and Francisco Sts.

On the night of April 17th, 1906, at about 11 o'clock Engine Company #2, responded to a second alarm of fire from the vicinity of Mason and Francisco Sts., where a Cannery Building was afire, and worked on the same until about 3 A. M. April 18th, 1906, at which time the fire was gotten under control and we returned to our quarters No. 22 O'Farrell St., arriving there about 3.30 A. M. The members of the company after putting the equipment etc., in proper condition, retired. (Captain Brown, Engine Co. No. 2)

After the earthquake which occured [sic] in this city on April 18th 1906, we found that the stairway in our building had been moved out of place from effects of the quake, and some of the apparatus was knocked down. Our company had been out all the night previous to the earthquake, and were tired and worn out when we were forced to start work on the memorial April 18th. (Captain Nichols, Truck #4)
Source: Department Records as noted

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