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Notable Fires:

California Lumber Mill
August 24, 1882
Box 39 - N.W. corner Howard and Spear

The most disastrous fire during the year was that at the California Lumber Mill located corner of Howard and Spear streets. Alarm from Box 39. A general alarm was sent in and responded to by the whole department. The fire burned with such rapidity that three workmen, engaged in the upper part of the building were unable to escape and were burned to death.

The cause of the fire, as ascertained by Fire Marshal Durkee after a careful investigation, was carelessness of children with matches in an unoccupied building adjoining the mill. The combustible nature of the building, contents, and surroundings (lumber), caused the fire to spread with such fierceness that the whole force of the department was required to extinguish it.

Extracted from original sources with grammar and spelling as published.

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