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Great Fires: 1906 Great Earthquake & Fire

Reports of Fire Officers
San Francisco Fire Department
1906 Great Earthquake & Fire
Captain Jas. Layden
Engine Co. No. 23, 3022 Washington Street
Apparatus: 1893 LaFrance, 3rd size, steam engine, 600 GPM

Engine 23  Actions

Shortly after this I proceeded with my company to the scene of conflagration and was ordered by Chief Dolan to place my Engine at the hydrant in front of Jefferson Square on Eddy St., near Octavia St. We secured a very small supply of water. Afterwards I changed my location to the North-west corner of Franklin & Ellis Sts., and worked my stream half-way between Geary and Post Sts., in company with Engine #23, until it was brought under control and checked.

(Captain Fay, Engine Co. No. 22)

From there we were ordered to Van Ness and Ellis Sts., and took the hydrant on the N/W cor where we remained for a couple of hours, until ordered by Chief Shaughnessy to Geary and Hyde Sts., taking the hydrant on the N/E cor. In company with engine 23 we worked in this neighborhood until instructed to leave by Chief Dolan at about 2 P. M. April 19th. Under orders from Chief Shaughnessy we again located at Van Ness & Ellis Sts., and in company with engine 23 back-fired all the buildings (in the rear) on the east side of Van Ness between Ellis and Geary, working there until the afternoon of April 19th.

(Captain Allen, Engine No. 34)

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