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Great Fires: 1906 Great Earthquake & Fire

Reports of Fire Officers
San Francisco Fire Department
1906 Great Earthquake & Fire
Captain J. F. Dryer
Truck Co. No. 6, 1152 Oak Street
Apparatus: Straight Frame, 3rd size, tillered

As the fire alarms and telephone service in our station, at 1152 Oak Street, were put out of order by the earthquake, and as we could see large columns of smoke arising, in the direction of Hayes Valley, we left at once for that vicinity. At Fillmore and Oak Streets, we stopped to release a lady and two children from their home. We then assisted Engines No. 21 and 14 in their work at Hayes & Laguna Sts., under orders of Chief Shaughnessy. When this fire was under control we left same in charge of Captain Boden.

Arriving at Fulton & Laguna Sts., we assisted in extinguishing the fire which originated there, acting under orders of Chiefs Shaughnessy and Dolan. By the aid of our Bangor ladder, we were able to subdue a small flame originating on the roof of a building on Octavia St., between Grove and Fulton Sts.

We next proceeded to Eighth & Mission Sts., where our crew canvassed this neighborhood thoroughly in search of water; but were unable to find any. The fire was subdued on the East side of Eighth St., and as there was no water, by tearing down the building on the North-east corner of Eighth and Mission Sts., we were able to prevent the fire from spreading at this point. We were next ordered to Gough & Fell Streets, and under orders of Chiefs Waters and McKitkrick [sic] we remained in this neighborhood and assisted in subduing the fire at this point.

Under Chief Waters we assisted Engines No. 21, 7, 19 and 27 in the neighborhood of Market & Valencia Sts., and then proceeded under Captain Dryer, and aided Engines 27 and 19 at Church & Twentieth Sts.

We returned to our quarters at 7 A. M. on Friday April 20th, having been on duty for fifty hours.

Captain (Signed) Jno. F. Dryer.

Lieut. Fred Grote.
Driver John Hayden
Tilleman Michael Flanagan
Truckman Geo. H. Thomas.
Truckman Gus Hain.
Truckman Geo. Boyson
Truckman H. H. Casey
Truckman Leo. M. Castillo.
Truckman Jno. Figuera.

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