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Communications Unit Company No. 1
San Francisco Fire Department

Organized:  February 20, 1969

1969   February 20th, assigned as an unmanned unit to the quarters of Central Fire Alarm, 1003 Turk Street
1983   Relocated to the quarters the quarters of Engine Co. No. 20, 285 Olympia Way
1985   Relocated to the quarters of Central Fire Alarm, 1003 Turk Street
199?   Unit disbanded

2008   Unit reorganized, re-designated and placed into service as MOBILE COMMAND 1

1967 G.M.C. "Step Van" Command and Communications Vehicle
Engine:   G.M.C. 160 HP
1970   SFFD Shop Number changed to 851

1969   February 20th,   Command 1

2008 to present
2007 Ferrara "Inferno" Incident Command Vehicle
            Engine:   Detroit Diesel Series 60, 515 HP
            SFFD Shop # 865
Walk-in body, with expandable sides to increase the interior size
On-board 20,000 Watt Kohler generator
On-board restroom and galley
Satellite communications capability
Surveillance cameras on a telescoping mast
Conference room

2008   Mobile Command 1

Note:  Staffing for this unit is provided by personnel from the Central Fire Alarm Station

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