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Apparatus: Motorized

Air Compressor Units
San Francisco Fire Department
1930 - 1989

Shop # Year & Manufacture Details
AC-1 1913 White Combination Chemical-Hose
    Registration #94061  
  Engine:  White 4-cylinder, 40 HP
  In Service Company Details
  1930: Converted in the Shop from Chemical Engine, CE-24.  Chemical tanks removed. An Ingersoll-Rand, Type 20, 2-cylinder, 220 cubic-foot-per-minute air compressor with a Waukesha foot-cylinder, 36 HP engine installed with one "Lamb Air Foil" smoke extractor
  Assignments: (Pre-conversion, see Chemical Engines)
    1931 - 1951 Air Compressor 1
    1951 Sold


Shop # Year & Manufacture Details
AC-2 1951 White Model WC-20, closed-cab Air Compressor and Smoke Ejector Truck
    Registration #396881  
  Engine: White 6-cylinder, 160 HP. This unit carries a LeRoi, Type 315G, 315 cubic-foot-per-minute air compressor with a 4-cylinder engine, two "Lamb Air Foil" smoke extractors installed with two 50-foot canvas discharge tubes for the smoke extractors
  In Service Company Details
  1970: Shop number changed to 836
    1951 - July 1, 1977 Air Compressor 1
    July 1, 1977- Used by high pressure hydrant repair crews


Shop # Year & Manufacture Details
812 1966 International "Metrovan" walk-in truck
  Engine:  International, 175 HP
  In Service Company Details
  1977: Converted in the Shop in 1977 from a former Dept. of Public Health emergency ambulance to a Utility Unit with an air compressor, air power tools, and air-powered rescue equipment.  Air Compressor unit designation changed to Utility Unit
    July 1, 1977 - 1989 Utility Unit 1
    1989 Sold

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