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Museum Collections: Apparatus - Truck Co. No. 2:
1929 Mack tractor coupled with a 1924 City & County of San Francisco Central Fire Shops ladder trailer
1929 Mack tractor


Builder: Mack Trucks, Type 19-6AP6C, motor number P3-67, 147 horse power

Manufacturer's Number: Chassis No. 682080

SFFD Shop Number:  TR-33
145-633 (applied 1970)

Location: In storage

Condition: Tractor, under restoration. Trailer, very poor needs restoration

Crew: Officer and 6 Firemen, assignments: No. 1 - Driver, No. 2 - Tillerman, No. 3 - Left side, forward, No. 4 - Right side, forward, No. 5 - Left side, aft, No. 6 - Right side, aft.

Members of truck companies could and can be identified at fires and other emergencies by their red and white quartered, and black brimmed helmets.

Service History:

1929   Truck Company No. 2, 1340 Powell Street
1952   Truck Company No. 14, 551 - 26th Avenue
1962   November 11th, placed into reserve
1970   Transferred to the roster of the Museum 

1924 City Service Ladder Trailer

Builder:  City & County of San Francisco Central Fire Shops

SFFD Shop Number: LT-26
145-726 (applied 1970)

Condition: Very poor, needs restoration

Service History:

1924  Truck Company No. 1, 418 Jessie Street with a 1923 Seagrave tractor (TR-26)
1940  Truck Company No. 12, 1757 Waller Street with a 1929 Mack tractor (TR-32)
1956  Company moved to a new firehouse at 1145 Stanyan Street
1956   Truck Co. No. 12,  with a 1937 Mack tractor (TR-39)
1955   Placed into reserve
1973   Transferred to the roster of the Museum and re-coupled to tractor #633

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