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Notable Fires:

Fire On Pine And Battery Streets
The first use of a Steam Fire Engine of the Paid Department

1866 August 3

---About 20 minutes past 2 o'clock a. m. yesterday, a fire broke out next to Winter's a two-story frame building on the south side of Pine and east of Battery street, and the breeze being strong, the whole premises were soon in a blaze. The fire originated, as is supposed, in the boarding-house kept by Mr. George L. Murdoch, in the second story of the building, at the south end, on Battery street. The lower story of this part of the building was occupied by Wm. Crosbie & Co., horse-collar makers, who had a small stock, which was nearly all destroyed. Next north, was the wheelwright shop of Gallagher & Rodecker, who had about $4.000 in stock on hand, on which there was an insurance of $2,000. Next, north, was the corner grocery of Droeger & Co., who had a stock valued at about $5,000, which was insured for $4,000. This stock was all destroyed. Next, east, on Pine street, was a blacksmith shop, belonging to Gallagher & Rodecker, which was connected with the Battery street shop at the rear. The stock here was light, not exceeding $500 probably. Next, east, was Charles Steinway's carriage painting shop, in which there was a considerable stock, nearly all of which was destroyed. The brick U. S. Bonded Warehouse, on Battery street, was somewhat scorched, but not seriously damaged. Over Gallagher & Rodecker's shop was a boarding-house kept by Mr. Graven, and adjoining rooms occupied by the families of S Furter and J. Reumann, who lost nearly all their furniture. The buildings, which were old and of comparatively small value, were almost wholly destroyed. A brick building on the east of Stienway's shop, belonging to and occupied by Spaulding, a saw maker, was badly damaged, the roof the engine house being burned off and the premises otherwise injured. The premises in which the fire originated belonged to Mrs. Gibson, as did those on Pine street occupied by Steinway. The other property, which was known as Winter’s Row, belonged to Hugh Burns. The total loss on buildings stocks will probably foot up from $18,00 to $20 000 The fire flashed up almost in an instant, and lighted up that part of the city almost like day. The firemen never worked harder, and their exertions prevented a very much larger amount damage occurring, as the property in the neighborhood was all endangered. The new steam fire engine imported from the East a few days since for the Paid Fire Department, was brought into service for the first time, and proved itself a very effective machine. The exact origin of the fire is unknown.
Source: Daily Alta California, Volume 18, Number 5989, 4 August 186

Extracted from original sources with grammar and spelling as published.

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