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Vintage Firehouses - Engine Company No. 40:
Engine Company No. 40

Engine Company No. 40 - 1909
1249 Clayton Street (mapped location)  

Neighborhood: Twin Peaks

Company History:
1909    October 4th, Engine Co. No. 40 organized and assigned to quarters
1917    Converted to motorized apparatus
1956    May 23rd, Engine Co. No. 40 relocated to new quarters at 1145 Stanyan Street
1956    House used by the Asbury Tank attendant
197?    House closed as the Asbury Tank was automated and the position of attendant disbanded. Sold at a City & County of San Francisco public auction

Another hill company, Engine No. 40, built in the Mission Revival style firehouse, popular after 1906, provided the first significant fire protection for this Upper Market section of the City.  Although most neighbors were undoubtedly pleased with the fire protection, as least one was annoyed by a problem common to stables and horses. "The Municipal Record" of May 28, 1914 refers to a letter which complained that the stables connected with Engine 40 were "causing a swarm of flies to infest the neighborhood.”  In 1917 when the company was converted to motorized a 1917 American LaFrance Type 45 chain drive 6 cylinder 120 HP engine with a combination 900 GPM rotary gear pump and hose wagon.  In 1956 Engine No. 40 was moved to new quarters at 1145 Stanyan Street.  The firehouse continued to be used by the Department for general storage and by the fireman assigned to Asbury Tank across the street.  The house was sold at public auction in the 1970's, and at one time was owned by Miss Courtney Clarkson.

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