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Water Tower Companies:


Water Tower Company No. 2
San Francisco Fire Department

Organized:  1898

1927 Kleiber_with_1902_gorter_water_tower1
Water Tower Co. 2
1898 Gorter 65 foot Water Tower
  In front of quarters 676 Howard Street,
between 1930 and 1934
Note that the tower still has its solid wooden wheels
1926 Kleiber tractor, registration #4229
1927 Kleiber_with_1902_gorter_water_tower2
At the Drill Tower, 2300 Folsom Street after the mast was reduced by 10 feet


Location:  Financial District

1898   Assigned to the quarters of Water Tower Co. No. 1, 104 New Montgomery Street as unmanned special call unit           

Location:  South of Market

1901   Relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 4, 144 - 2nd Street as a manned company
1906   After 18th, relocated to 524 - 10th Street due to the Earthquake and Fire as unmanned special call unit
1912   April 12th, reorganized as a manned company and assigned to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 6, 356 - 7th Street
1917   Relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 4, 676 Howard Street as an unmanned special call company
1930   October 20th, converted from horse drawn to motorized and placed in service as a manned company
1956   January 23rd, relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 29, 299 Vermont Street
1958   March 1st, changed to an unmanned special call unit

Location:  Hunters Point

1958   Relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 11, 1295 Shafter Avenue
1970   Company disbanded

Horse Drawn: 3 horses

1901 - 1970
I898 65 foot, Henry H. Gorter Water Tower.  Built at the San Francisco Fire Department Corporation Yard
            Raised by two Pelton water wheels
Gorter High Pressure Battery turret installed on chassis
SFFD Shop # WT-2   
Crew: Two firemen on each shift

1930   October 20th, converted to motorized with a 1926 Kleiber tractor, registration #4229, TR-30, attached to the tower
1930   July, electric spotlight attached to nozzle barrel of mast turret
1934   Pneumatic tires installed
1954   May 1st, 1926 Kleiber registration #4228, TR-29, attached to the tower
c.1955   On responding to an alarm the tower “harpooned” the side of a tall delivery truck which caused the mast to be reduced by 10 feet

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