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Volunteer Companies:


Empire Engine Company No. 1

Date Organized: June 4, 1850

Sacramento Street, south side, between Kearney and California Streets
A fireproof brick building, city property in good order, (1860).

Motto: “Onward”

1850 1st Foreman, David C. Broderick
1859 David Scannell

1852 Engine: a beautifully decorated New York side-lever.
1853 Engine: William E. Worth, San Francisco, builder, second class side stroke engine.
1860 Hose carriage, two wheel, Folsom, San Francisco, builder, city property

1855 - 50

September 1859, Company name changed from Empire to Broderick in honor of their first foreman, and later United States Senator, David C. Broderick, who was slain in a duel while he was a senator.

* This company was one of those that took part in the organization of the department directly after the first great fire; but does not date its regular existence until June 4th, 1850. The citizens most influential in its origins were Messrs. D. C. Broderick, F. D. Kohler, Wm. McKibbin, Geo. W. Green, C. W. Cornell and John A. McGlynn. D. C. Broderick was elected the first foreman; G. W. Green, assistant; Wm. McKibbin, secretary; and James Grant, treasurer. The Empire has continued in the spirit of its motto, ‘‘onward,” a fine company, to the present date, always having a full roll, and doing active service on every regular occasion. The apparatus is a beautifully decorated New York side-lever engine, and is located on Kearny Street between Sacramento and California streets. The members, early in 1851, organized a target company in the New York fashion, which parades one hundred and twenty-five muskets.

*Source: Frank Soulé, John H. Gihon, M.D., and James Nisbet. The Annals of San Francisco. 1855: San Francisco

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