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Columbian Engine Company No. 11

Date Organized:  November 4, 1852

Bush Street (412), north side, near Kearny Street and Dupont (now Grant Avenue). A two story fireproof brick building, city property, in good order, 1860.

1862 Robert Cushing
1864 B. C. Dennellan
1865 Peter O'Reilly
1866 Henry J. Hussey

1855 Engine: Van Ness & Torboss, New York, second class, piano-box style, handsomely polished and finished with patent running gear. Hose carriage, two wheel, Van Ness & Torboss, New York.
1860 Relief engine “old 8” being used by the company while the regular company engine was being repaired.
1860 Engine: Van Ness & Torboss, New York, second class, city property.

1855 - 61
1860 - 52
1863 - 65
1864 - 50
1866 - 45

* COLUMBIAN ENGINE COMPANY, NO. 11, was organized November 4th, 1852, by Messrs. T. W. Brennan, J. Kimbal, J. D. Brower, J. H. Shepeard, Daniel N. Tucker, and others, and has proved a good company in every respect, having now a full roll of sixty-five members. The house is located in Bush street, above Kearny, and the engine is Van Ness make, piano-box style, handsomely polished and finished, with patent running gear. They work two streams of water, and at late fires have done great service.
* Source: Frank Soulé, John H. Gihon, M.D., and James Nisbet. The Annals of San Francisco. 1855: San Francisco

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