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Underwriters Fire Patrol Companies:


Underwriters Fire Patrol Company No. 2B

Organized:  1933

Location:  Western Addition
1933   Organized and assigned to quarters of Underwriters Fire Patrol Co. No. 2A, 831 Buchanan Street at Birch Street
1940   Relocated to new quarters of Underwriters Fire Patrol Co. No. 2A, 840 Octavia Street
1943   July 1st, company disbanded.  The men, apparatus and equipment were transferred into the SFFD to organize Salvage Co. No. 2A

1933 - 1940
UP-3        1912 American LaFrance Type-10 Salvage Wagon
Registration #207

Engine: American LaFrance 4 cylinder, 70 HP
Delivered to San Francisco: December 26, 1912

1940 - July 1, 1943
UP-6       1929 Reo Salvage Wagon
Registration #FE-3444

Engine: Continental 6 cylinder, 67 HP
July 1, 1943: SFFD Shop #SA-2 applied

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