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Searchlight Companies:


Searchlight Company No. 2
San Francisco Fire Department

Organized:  May 23, 1929

Location:  North Beach

1929   May 23rd, assigned to the quarters of Truck Co. No. 2, 1340 Powell Street
1950   April 5, company disbanded   

Location:  Financial District

1952   Company reorganized and assigned to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 2, 460 Bush Street
1956   January 23rd, relocated to the quarters of the Utility Squad, 1145 Ellis Street
1958   February 13th, relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 2, 460 Bush Street
1969   Company disbanded


May 23, 1929 - April 5, 1950
1928 Kleiber, registration #4354, closed-cab chassis with a body built by the SFFD Corporation Yard
Engine: Continental 6-cylinder, 120 HP
SFFD Shop No. LW-2
            Kohler 10,000 Watt generator powered by a 4-cylinder gasoline engine
One 2000 Watt floodlight
Five 1000 Watt floodlights mounted on a swivel bar on top of the body
Eight 400 Watt portable floodlights
Four 500 foot reels of electrical cable on each side of apparatus

December 11, 1952 - 1969
1952 G.M.C., registration #3872, closed-cab chassis with body built by the City & County Central Shops, Fire Shop
Generator, lights, and all elements of the electrical system from LW-1 installed in the new apparatus body
          Engine: G.M.C. 6-cylinder, 170 HP
1952: SFFD Shop No. LW-3
1970: SFFD Shop number changed to 831

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