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Hose Companies:

Hose Company No. 2
San Francisco Fire Department

Organized:  December 3, 1866

Location:  Rincon Hill

1866   December 3rd, assigned to the former quarters of Rincon Hose Company No. 6, Folsom Street between Beale & Main Streets (south side)

Location:  Fillmore

1868   Relocated to new quarters at 1819 Post Street

Location:  Embarcadero, Eastern Waterfront

1893   Relocated to the quarters of Fireboat Co. No. 1, Embarcadero at foot of Mission Street
1909   Company disbanded to organize Boat Tender No. 1

Members of Hose Company No. 2:

Gustave Pohlmann
Gustave Pohlmann
Gustave Pohlmann
Gustave Pohlmann in 1874
Capt. James Conniff
Capt. James Conniff in 1870

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