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Engine Companies:


Engine Company No. 14
San Francisco Fire Department

Organized:  1884

Location:  Western Addition

1884   Assigned to quarters at 1051 McAllister Street, the former firehouse of Hose Company No. 6
1961   May 2nd, relocated to new quarters at 109 Oak Street

109 Oak Street
On the left:  American LaFrance, Series 900, registration #N1001, with an Allison-Boeing gasoline turbine jet motor,
325 HP, engine #980 and a 1000 GPM pump.   THE ONLY JET POWERED FIRE ENGINE EVER IN SERVICE

Location:  Outer Richmond

1973   January 12th, relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 47, 499 - 41st Avenue
1974   May 18th, relocated to the quarters of Truck Co. No. 14, 551 - 26th Avenue
1998   March 2nd, relocated to the quarters of Engine Co. No. 34, 499 - 41st Avenue for the earthquake retrofitting of the firehouse
1998   December 17th, returned to remodeled quarters 551 - 26th Avenue

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