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Apparatus: Motorized

Carbon Dioxide Units
San Francisco Fire Department
1983 - 2009

Shop # Year & Manufacture Details
805 1973 Curtis-Ford 1-ton Truck
  Engine: Ford, 144 HP
  December 1983: Converted into a Carbon Dioxide Unit.  Pump and tank removed.  Twelve 75-lb CO2 siphon-type cylinders were installed in the truck bed.  Manifold and valve arrangement installed which allowed discharge of six (6) cylinders at a time.  Also equipped with 50-feet of 1/2 - inch high pressure hose, a "Kidde" horn applicator nozzle with a locking shut-off, one T-handled pentagonal socket wrench, and one large crescent wrench
  In Service Company Details
  Assignments: (Pre-conversion, see Tank Wagons)
    December 1983 - June 10, 1984 CO2 Unit
  June 10, 1984: Converted back to a Mini-Pumper as Tank 32 (see Tank Wagons).  Carbon dioxide equipment transferred to truck #848.   Water tank, pump, and hose reel slid back into truck bed


Shop # Year & Manufacture Details
848 1952 Chevrolet 1 ½ ton chassis
  Engine: Chevrolet 6-cylinder, 78 HP
  1984: Converted to Carbon Dioxide Unit from a Pollution Control Unit. (Pre-conversion, see Pollution Control Units) The carbon dioxide cylinders and all CO2 equipment from #805 were installed in truck bed
  In Service Company Details
    June 10, 1984 - July 1986 CO2 Unit
    1986 Sold


Shop # Year & Manufacture Details
880 1985 Dailey-Ford "C-8000" tilt-cab chassis
  Engine: Caterpillar 8-cylinder diesel, 225 HP
  The unit contains a 2-ton Tomco carbon dioxide storage tank and Reliable Fire Equipment Co. distribution system.   Two hose reels of 1-inch high pressure rubber hose lines, 220 feet each.  Also equipped with a 30-foot boom crane
  In Service Company Details
    July 1986 - Present (Nov. 2009) CO2 Unit

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